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Continental develops solution for safe transition from automated to manual driving

Continental has developed a solution for a safe transition from automated to manual driving.

Using a combined camera system comprising an inward-looking infra-red camera and an outward-looking camera, the system monitors the driver and the traffic in front of the vehicle.

The camera monitors establishes whether or not the driver is distracted, i.e. not looking directly at the road, before handing back manual control of the vehicle.

“Thanks to the new camera system, vehicle and driver are constantly aware of one another. Ultimately, this comes down to trust. The human can rest assured that the technology will not abruptly hand back responsibility without warning, but that this will take place according to clear and comprehensible criteria,” says Georg Binder, Head of Strategy & Planning, Advanced Driver Assistance System business unit at Continental.

The camera monitor system entitled, ‘Road and Driver’ is located behind the windshield of the vehicle, above the rear-view mirror. Its lens is aimed at the road ahead and provides the data for advanced driver assistance systems. It even works perfectly at night.

Continental says that automated driving will be possible only when the transition between automated and manual driving modes is safe and reliable. Drivers must be able to trust that the vehicle will hand over responsibility only when they are ready to accept it.