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Comma readies oil and lubricants market for EV opportunities

Oil and Lubricants expert Comma Oil is gearing up for automotive electrification, building its range compatibility for hybrid vehicles.

Comma’s development of a quality hybrid-compatible oil and lubricants range will help workshops and distributors cater to an increasingly wide car parc of both petrol and diesel hybrid vehicles.

According to the SMMT, the market share of electric vehicles stands at just over 1%, but major manufacturers have already pledged to develop a host of new electric and hybrid vehicles, including Volvo promising all of its new models will be offered with an electric or hybrid option by 2019.

With a range of alternative fuel vehicles slowly being introduced to the market, workshop professionals across the UK can capitalise on the raft of hybrid and electric opportunities while building on existing petrol and diesel coverage.

Existing Comma products can be used in many Hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius, with 0W-20 API SN grades being a good choice for the fuel efficient Japanese cars.