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Comline upgrades EOF249 oil filter

Comline Auto Parts (Comline) has upgraded its EOF249 oil filter, suitable for a variety of Japanese applications, to make draining residual oil from the filter housing easier and quicker for technicians.

Superseding Comline’s CDH11632 oil filter, EOF249 is now supplied with a plastic drain tube, complete with O-ring. The award-winning British distributor of all-makes replacement parts is encouraging technicians to utilise this accessory and is keen to stress that it will make fitment cleaner and more efficient.

Due to the positioning of the filter housing within the vehicle, there is likely to be residual oil within the housing after oil has been drained from the engine. Failure to properly drain the residual oil will lead to spillage, something that Comline’s plastic drain tube is designed to combat.

How to use it correctly

Using the drain tube is an easy process and requires the technician to simply fit the tube directly to the filter housing. Once applied the tube compresses a spring-loaded valve within the housing, causing it to open. This allows any residual oil to drain quickly and effectively without any spillage or mess.

Comline Product General Manager, Miten Parikh, provides more detail on this change: “Through our own evaluation and feedback from the market, we identified a fitment challenge with what is now EOF249. It was obvious that this issue wouldcost technicians valuable time, and we felt it was important to find a solution. A simple drain tube was the answer, and each Comline EOF249 oil filter is now delivered complete with this accessory.”

EOF249 fits the following applications:

  • Lexus CT (2010-onwards)
  • Toyota Auris (2010-onwards), Avensis (2009-onwards), Prius (2009-2012), RAV4 (2008-onwards), Verso (2009-onwards) and Yaris (2007-onwards)