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Comline steering and suspension available in Ireland

Comline, continues to demonstrate its growing position in the Irish market with the launch of its steering and suspension range, now available through the brand’s local subsidiary, Comline Ireland.

Under the banner ‘Total Control’, which is backed by a three-year 36,000-miles / 60,000-kilometre warranty, it covers one of the aftermarket’s most popular part numbers across the European, Japanese and Korean car parc.

“The Comline steering and suspension range has been assembled with an intentional focus designed to put our customers in ‘Total Control’ of their business,” said Damien Larkin, General Manager, Comline Ireland.

Damien Larkin

He added: “Adopting a ‘quality over quantity’ approach, we are focused on delivering the Irish aftermarket’s most popular steering & suspension references, ensuring we deliver absolute product quality and exceptional value-for-money on the parts that really drive our customer’s businesses. Like all Comline product ranges, our steering & suspension offering covers all makes of vehicle but it’s the coverage of Japanese and Korean marques within this range that is particularly noteworthy, and I am confident that this carefully selected, diverse product line will be well received by customers here in Ireland.”

In-stock and available for immediate delivery from Comline Ireland’s Monaghan Headquarters, the Comline steering and suspension range includes high-quality control arms, stabiliser links, ball joints, tie rods & tie rod ends, suspension bushes, and full suspension kits.

COMLINE CONTROL ARMS: Comline offers a comprehensive range of Suspension Arms and Track Control Arms with Bushes included. Parts are available with or without Ball Joints and manufactured from various metals, including steel, cast iron and aluminium.

COMLINE STABILISER LINKS: Comline’s range of Stabiliser Links provides coverage across the European, Japanese & Korean vehicle parc. Manufactured in steel, plastic and aluminium, Comline utilises only high-quality components to guarantee performance and deliver impressive torque force tolerance.

COMLINE BALL JOINTS: Comline Ball Joints are built to last with components that are rigorously tested for performance and durability. Built for strength and designed to cope with the demands of modern motoring, Comline Ball Joints offer superb static and dynamic load-bearing capabilities.

COMLINE TIE RODS: The extensive range of Comline Tie Rods (Axial Joints) and Tie Rod Ends are manufactured from high-quality, heat-treated materials to deliver balance, strength and longevity.

COMLINE SUSPENSION BUSHES: Comline’s comprehensive range of rubber-to-metal Bushes provide high-calibre performance and in-depth coverage across the vehicle parc. Premium quality materials are carefully deployed to ensure an OE-quality fit while state-of-the-art bonding techniques guarantee mile-after-mile reliability and performance

COMLINE SUSPENSION KITS: Comline Suspension Kits are a one-stop solution for garage owners that enable all necessary parts to be ordered in a single, complete package. Comline Suspension Kits prove popular with garage owners, primarily due to the speed and convenience of being able to source all the various components as a pre-defined kit.