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Comline proudly launches its new filter brochure

Comline, has continued its ‘First for Filters’ campaign with the unveiling of an all-new, in-depth, 40-page brochure.

The comprehensive document, decorated with Comline’s distinctive blue and yellow livery, places the brand’s filtration range firmly under the microscope and details why Comline has become one of Europe’s fastest-growing automotive brands and one of the continent’s leading filtration brands.

Starting with Comline’s formula for filtration and taking the reader on a journey through topics, like filter anatomy, the power of media, vehicle parc analysis, quality control and testing, Comline’s new filter brochure provides the reader with a complete understanding as to how Comline’s air, oil, fuel and cabin/carbon filters deliver consistent and reliable performance.

Comline’s new filter brochure is every bit as impressive as its range of over 1,800-filter references, but there are some stand-out topics which underline Comline’s First for Filters ethos.

Joining the elite
Comline is a member of an illustrious and exclusive club; it is part of one of the foremost filtration testing organisations in the world, the International Filter Testing Services (IFTS). Since joining the industry elite as an IFTS member, Comline has maximised the enviable resources and expertise now at its disposal.

Brochure excerpt: ‘Together, Comline and the IFTS test and benchmark the quality of the brand’s media to ensure it can deliver on its promise of providing a product that guarantees consistent and reliable performance, and by doing so,satisfying a customer network of more than 40 countries worldwide.’

Power of Media
Every aspect of a filter’s design and manufacture is important, but Comline points to the power of media (paper) and the critical role that this material plays in governing the performance of the filter.
Brochure excerpt: ‘Ultimately, the media does the job of filtering, ensuring that the air, oil or fuel is clean and free from contaminants. High-quality filter media, such as that used by Comline, combines excellent efficiency and structural stability with high capacity. Our media is carefully chosen based on the requirements from the specific filter and sourced from the world’s best producers.’

Precision Pleat Geometry (PPG)
A key feature of Comline’s filter range is something that the brand refers to as Precision Pleat Geometry (PPG). PPG is a key feature in mainting the consistent, reliable performance of a Comline filter throughout its life-span and is pivotal in ensuring every Comline filter reference meets brand quality standards. Brochure excerpt: ‘Each filter utilises PPG, which ensures uniformity of depth, spacing and quantity of pleats within each filter reference. PPG is also important in maintaining the flow rate, maximising efficiency and ensuring the service life performance of the filter.’

Comline Marketing and Communications Manager, Leigh Davies, explains why Comline chose to create the First for Filterscampaign and underlines the importance of its new brochure:
“Comline has been a growing force in the European filter market for the better part of a decade, and we sell literally millions of units each year; however, we are acutely aware that the UK market may not fully grasp our filter credentials, and this is something we are seeking to change with our First for Filters campaign. Our new brochure spearheads this and aimsto reflect Comline’s position as a leading European filter brand.”