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Comline has the BMW X5 and X6 covered

Comline’s latest ‘Part of the Month’, Control Arms CCA1288L and CCA2288R, work seamlessly to keep the high-end BMW X5 and X6 firmly planted to the road.

Offered as part of the brand’s all makes ‘Total Control’ Steering and Suspension range, which is fully backed by an impressive three-year, 36,000-mile warranty, these high-quality control arms deliver Comline’s famed quality and genuine value for money promise.

Produced in state-of-the-art ISO compliant manufacturing facilities, Comline’s Steering and Suspension range is precisely crafted for quality and reliability.

Employing strict quality control procedures, each component is subjected to exhaustive testing cycles, which include checks for, full tension, compression and hardness, weld penetration, life performance and corrosion resistance.

In stock and available for immediate delivery CCA1288L and CCA2288R are the latest parts to star in Comline’s Part of the Month videos series.