Comline Group relocation on-track

Comline Group’s relocation to the Bedford Commercial Park is progressing well and on-track, the global automotive parts supplier has announced.

With site upgrades well underway, and a meticulous plan guiding each step under the watchful eye of Comline Group’s project team, the transition from its current home in Luton to its new headquarters is taking shape.

Though the journey to its new site may only be 17 miles, the task of relocating its multi-million-pound operation and tens of thousands of products is a complex and multi-faceted challenge. But the organisation says it is meeting these challenges head-on, and its move to the Bedford Commercial Park is due to complete on schedule this summer.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the relocation is the space efficiency of the new Comline Group facility. At 70,000 square feet, the Bedford Commercial Park site has a smaller footprint than the organisation’s current home at Luton Enterprise Park.

However, the modern, high-bay design, coupled with the use of innovative warehousing solutions, has given Comline Group an impressive 65,000 picking locations – a massive six-fold increase on that of its current facility.

The new Bedford Commercial Park site is primed to support Comline Group’s expansive inventory, and its boosted capacity, speed and efficiency will ensure the company enhances service levels to its expanding distribution network, one which spans over 50 countries worldwide.

Comline Group managing director, Ishan Kamdar, expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the relocation, commenting: “We are encouraged to see the vision for our new Group headquarters taking shape. Every detail has been carefully considered to optimise our operations and to enhance the customer experience.

“As we move closer to completion, and begin the move to our new home, each milestone increases the sense of anticipation. For me, one of the most notable moments thus far was seeing product enter Bedford Commercial Park for the first time, and I am equally eager to see the first customer orders roll out of the new site in the coming weeks.”