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Comline expands brake pad line-up

Comline has added a raft of new references to its stellar braking line-up.

Servicing 95 per cent of European, Japanese and Korean vehicles, the brand’s friction products undergo an array of extensive quality tests, many of which surpass what is required under R90 regulations.

These additional and stringent checks ensure each part delivers on the brand’s performance promise, whilst also offering genuine value for money.

All in-stock and available for immediate delivery, the latest list of new-comers includes twenty-four brake pad references. Catering for a variety of makes and models the list includes notable introductions serving some of the aftermarkets most popular vehicles such as:

CBP0236, a set of front brake pads servicing the Ford KA (2016-onwards), CBP02368 front and CBP02369 rear brake pads attuned to the Ford Fiesta (2017-onwards)

CBP02367 front and CPB02380 brake pads catering for Vauxhall Crossland (2017-onwards)

Offering an expansive range of high-quality brake pads, featuring OE-type noise cancelling technologies, and a comprehensive brake disc line-up, many of which are coated for ease of fitment, Comline continues to underline its status as experts in braking.