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Comline exhibits coated brake discs at Automechanika

comline-coated-brake-disc-with-abs-sensorDetermined to demonstrate its braking credentials and become a major force in the European aftermarket, Comline has introduced a new range of coated brake discs, wich are on display at Automechanika, Frankurt, Germany this week.

Comline Coated Brake Discs are the latest innovation from the Luton-based company, which are precision-manufactured and boast a specialised anti-corrosion coating that delivers a protection that will satisfy and comfort the motorist.

Motor factors and garages can sell and fit respectively full of confidence, as the range of coated brake discs are manufactured within world-class production facilities, each part utilising the finest raw materials – specifically selected for optimum hardness, tensile strength, structure and chemical composition.
Manufacturing is controlled thanks to state-of-the-art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machines, which deliver absolute product precision and consistency, but the process doesn’t conclude there: all discs are thoroughly checked for ‘run out’, thickness variation and dynamic balance – ensuring only perfect brake discs are packed into a Comline box.

All discs feature a specialised anti-corrosion coating, which is applied to all areas of the part – including the friction surface and internal vein construction. Reassuringly for the motorist, the water-based coating ensures a rust-free appearance throughout the service life of the part.