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Champion relaunches filter range

Federal-Mogul Motorparts has relaunched its Champion filter range throughout Western Europe. With over 1300 item references covering 90 per cent of the vehicle parc, the range includes air, oil, cabin and fuel filters, all manufactured to OE quality levels.

“The trusted Champion brand brings a range of excellent quality filters to the market, with high coverage that includes all the most popular applications,” explained Diana Carolina Ortiz, Product Manager, Filters, EMEA, Federal-Mogul Motorparts. “It complements our other Champion products, such as wipers and ignition parts, that make up our wide portfolio of service items.”


Federal-Mogul Motorparts has used its close relationship with many of the world’s leading car manufacturers to ensure that its aftermarket service items are manufactured to the same standards. Champion products use state-of-the-art technology to provide a number of important performance benefits.

Champion oil filters reduce lubricant contamination by over 90 percent and are especially effective for particles below the five-micron threshold, most critical to engine wear. This range offers micro glass media which lasts two to five times longer in service, reduces pressure losses and resists chemical attack better than conventional types.

Its fuel filters use multi-layer, synthetic, melt-blown media to ensure removal of particles as small as three microns while maintaining, or even reducing, the pressure drop across the filter. The layered construction provides greater dirt-holding capacity and longer life than non-layered alternatives.

Champion cabin filters are available in a wide range for carbon as well as particle filtration media, and eliminate 98 percent of airborne pollutants. Their flexible frame mounting enables easy installation, and comprehensive packaging information even includes instructions for filter location and replacement.

For maximum engine protection and performance, as with the entire Champion range, air filters are designed to match OE standards, removing 98 percent of all potentially damaging contaminants from the inlet air stream. They are available in panel, round and cylindrical forms and use flame-retardant construction where OE specified.

Further details on Champion’s entire filter range, wipers and ignition products can be found by browsing the easy-to-navigate new website, site includes technical support such as installation guidelines, which can be downloaded for easy reference.