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Road Safety Archive

Continental shows cutting edge technologies at Vision Zero Live event

Continental, the leading tyre and automotive technology group, brought its Vision Zero Live event to Mondello Race Circuit in Co. Kildare recently. Over three days, general consumers, staff from tyre retailers and managers of large company fleets had the opportunity to participate in a range of ‘hands on the wheel’ demonstrations of the company’s latest

RSA launches website in support of new drink driving bill

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) has today Friday 6 October, launched a website, to provide factual information on drink driving in Ireland and to dispel the many myths and misinformation in relation to the problem of drink driving in Ireland. The new site, www.drinkdriversdestroylives.ie, is being launched to support the proposed change to strengthen drink driving

Irish drivers who drive own cars for work not undertaking vehicle maintenance

Research has found that many business travellers across Ireland who drive their own cars for work, the so-called ‘grey fleet’, do not always carry out basic safety checks on their vehicles. This, and a range of other findings from the survey, should be of key concern to employers as there are legal responsibilities on employers

Get your tyres checked on Tyre Safety Day

Motorists are being urged to get their tyres checked, as part of Road Safety Week, which runs until Sunday.

Do Drink and Drive – Dangers of driver dehydration 

Nissan is encouraging drivers to ‘hit the bottle’ – that’s water not alcohol – to raise awareness of the impact dehydration can have on road safety. While the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol are widely understood, there’s relatively little research on safe hydration levels for drivers. A 2015 study funded by the European Hydration Institute and carried

New campaign warns of dangers of drink driving the ‘morning after’

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and An Garda Síochána have, today Friday 22 September, launched a public information campaign to educate drivers about the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol. The RSA’s decision to create a campaign to highlight the dangers of driving the morning after drinking alcohol was prompted by stark statistics

Vehicle safety systems – putting drivers in control

Each year the UK records more than 5,000 accidents involving workplace transport* with poor visibility and being struck when reversing being common causes. More can be done to improve visibility for drivers, whether they are in the workplace, on the building site or on the roads. Advice from HSE suggests that reversing aids, such as

Continental unveils new equipment for changing brake fluid

Brake fluid plays a decisive role in reliable braking and safe driving. Maintenance is often incompletely documented, especially in the case of older vehicles, so brake fluid testing is a high-priority when brakes are serviced in independent workshops. The new generation of the BFCS 300 brake fluid test equipment from Continental has now made this

AA Rescue sees increase in electric car callouts

In a sign of what the future may hold for Irish motoring AA Rescue has seen an increase in the number of breakdowns reported that relate to an electric vehicle, with almost 20 such breakdowns reported already this year. Charging unit issues or vehicles running out of charge are among the key reasons for electric car

78 per cent of windscreen damage caused by road stones and gravel

New statistics from Allianz Insurance reveals that 5,061 windscreen and body glass claims were made in 2016. The vast majority (86 per cent) of claims were made for windscreen damage, while 9 per cent were for body glass and a small portion (4 per cent) of claims were based on rear glass damage. The top