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New motoring report suggests late-January is when many start to think of buying new car

It seems that late-January is the time many of us start to think about buying a new car.

According to the latest Carzone Motoring Report, 39 per cent of the 1,516 people surveyed plan to purchase a car over the next 12 months and based on data from previous years and the traffic to the site and apps, Carzone predicts that Tuesday, January 21 is the day when consumers are most likely to consider buying a car.

When it comes to the type of car to purchase, Carzone has composed a list of the most popular cars by segment based on searches on the site in 2019. The Volkswagen Golf, which was the most searched for car on the website last year, is still the most popular car model, while the Nissan Leaf remains the most searched-for electric car. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class takes the top spot of most searched for new car, whilst Volkswagen is the most popular car brand overall.

The most popular cars on Carzone in 2019 were: