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Cartell welcomes regulation for written-off vehicles

Vehicle history expert, Cartell.ie has welcomed news that Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, is bringing new legislation to cabinet which will compel insurers to notify his Department of Category A and Category B write-offs. The changes will come in as part of an amendment to the Road Traffic Bill 2016.

At present a voluntary system of notification is in place but for years Cartell.ie has called for regulation which will place the procedure on a statutory footing.

John Byrne, Cartell.ie commented: “We welcome this initiative which is a necessary step in the Government’s efforts to make our roads safer. Since 2007 Cartell.ie has campaigned for regulation of written-off vehicles in Ireland to obligate insurers to notify the Department of Transport where a vehicle has been written-off. While the proposals which have been submitted to cabinet are confined to Category A and Category B write-offs – which are the most serious types – we would like to see this obligation extend in future to other write-off classifications.”