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Car-O-Liner launches CBR2000

Car-O-Liner has launched the CBR2000, a professional, battery-driven riveting tool for mounting pop rivets up to ø 6,4 mm.

Thanks to its brushless motor and a setting force of 20.000 N this riveting tool is perfect for mounting structural pop rivets. With this professional, flexible tool there are no cables to trip over and pop rivits can be mounted where and when you want. The CBR2000 features good ergonomics, high-speed and long operating time.

Three light-emitting diodes are integrated into the adjustment ring and light up your work. The diodes remain illuminated after the setting process, giving a continuous workflow even under bad lighting conditions.

The slide-in/out battery has an optical and acoustic charging status display. The sleep function and the electrical feedback of the braking energy extend the battery range − up to 2,000 riveting operations.

The charging unit has a quick-charge function. The battery can be used again after only 45 minutes of charging, and is fully charged after just 90 minutes.

Features and benefits include:

• Quick work flow with the powerful BLDC motor
• Handles long and large blind rivets with 25mm stroke and up to 20kN setting force
• Stability due to larger, non-slip stand surface and lower center of gravity
• Shortened pulling process thanks to the auto-reverse function for a quicker workflow
• Long lifetime; the patented jaw system provides a long service life and helps save on spare part costs
• Ergonomical design with a rubberised, moulded grip and a balanced centre of gravity