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Call for Councils to cut back foliage obscuring road signs

I was reading about requests on local authorities in the UK to tackle the present menace of road signs obscured by foliage after the spring/summer growth season, and I echo that call.

Breakdown and road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist pointed out that obscured road signs are at best a nuisance for drivers, and at worst can be misleading and dangerous.

Their spokesman said: “Road signs provide vital orders and information for drivers, who choose their speeds and actions based on what the signs tell them. If they can’t see the signs, then their ability to make safe decisions is compromised, especially if they’re on unfamiliar roads.”

He added: “In the interests of road safety, we are calling on local authorities to organise some far-reaching cutbacks of trees, bushes and branches, so that speed limit and other signs are made as clear as possible to everyone using their roads.”

You should report obscured road signs to the appropriate local authority.

Road signs obscured by overgrown foliage