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Businesses using van rental to cope with Black Friday rush

With a spike in short-term rentals of commercial vehicles at this time of year, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Ireland is highlighting how our adoption of the American traditions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is driving the van rental market.

Picture is Richie Mahon, Area Manger Enterprise Rent-A-Car, in one of their vans

Picture is Richie Mahon, Area Manger Enterprise Rent-A-Car, in one of their vans

Borrowing from our American cousins, the phenomenon of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is becoming well and truly established in Ireland as one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving in the US, Black Friday was when the majority of consumers began their Christmas shopping, making it, by far, the busiest day for US shops. In more recent years, online retailers have got in on the act with Cyber Monday, when the majority of retailers offer one-day deals on their stock, with electronics and tech gadgets being the most popular items.


According to Shane Kelly, Head of Van Rentals at Enterprise Rent-A-Car: “In the past few years, we have seen an increase in our van rental business that coincides with Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Without a doubt, companies are using rentals as a way of dealing with the spike in orders so that they can meet the increased delivery needs of their customers.”

Shane’s advice for any companies anticipating a higher level of sales over the next week or so is: “Get your van rental request in early, companies that book ahead of time rather than leaving it to the last minute can make good savings. Companies love the flexibility of short-term rentals. You only use it when it is needed and with deals as low as €59 per day for a van or €149 for a weekend, it is the ideal option.”