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Bridgestone supports Action Medical Research at Sparks Dinner

Bridgestone Ireland once again supported Action Medical Research at its annual Sparks Motorsport and Motor Industry Dinner at the Culloden Hotel, Belfast.

Pictured at the recent Sparks Dinner for Action Medical Research is Sir Patrick Head former Williams F1 Director of Engineering and Colm Conyngham, Bridgestone Ireland.

The guest speaker this year was former Williams F1 Engineering Director, Sir Patrick Head who held this position for 27 years including during Bridgestone’s 13 years in Formula One. The Sparks Dinner is now in its 24th year and helps to fund research to combat illnesses and diseases that affect young children and premature babies.

“We believe this is a charity that really makes a difference and Bridgestone are always happy to support the Sparks dinner for Action Medical Research along with our motor industry and motorsport colleagues,” said Colm Conyngham, Marketing and Public Relations Manager with Bridgestone Ireland.

The evening included a charity auction and interviews with motorsport stars past and present and also featured an impressive display of supercars supplied by Charles Hurst Specialist Cars.