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Brembo UV coated discs set the standard

First introduced to the aftermarket in September 2012 for top-of-the-range applications only, Brembo’s range of UV painted discs have quickly become the standard against which all other replacement discs are measured. Today, with more than 800 UV disc codes available covering the vast majority of vehicles in the European car parc, discerning owners increasingly specify Brembo whenever disc replacement is necessary.

This revolution in disc technology began 15 years ago when Brembo, the long- established leader in braking systems and component innovation, became the first aftermarket supplier to introduce painted external seams on its discs.
The demand for painted discs has increased sharply since then, in tandem with the demise of the traditional hub cap and the rise of eye-catching alloy wheels. While alloys are visually appealing, the increasingly open geometries of today’s wheels mean customers want the discs behind them to look equally attractive.

They have benefits for the service mechanic, too. Traditional non-coated discs come with an oil coating that must be carefully cleaned off before installation to avoid potentially dangerous contamination of the brake pads. But coated discs do not require degreasing and can be fitted straight from the box. And when a UV painted disc needs to be replaced the absence of any corrosion can also save the mechanic time.

But while above benefits apply to all painted discs, Brembo’s UV coating has brought disc technology a big step further. The aluminum flecks in the UV coating give the discs a bright and stylish metallic appearance that endures over their whole working lives, along with other performance and environmental benefits.

The entire surface of the UV disc is coated, ensuring a visually attractive appearance before fitting without interfering with braking performance. With use the coating simply wears off the braking surface. Brembo UV discs also feature a unique laser mark on the braking surface, allowing the mechanic to see at a glance the thickness left before a disc needs replacing.

In recognition of the increased market demand for UV painted discs, since the beginning of 2017, if an equivalent coated disc is available uncoated discs are being replaced by UV coated discs, this effects more than 400 items.