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Brembo unveils new ECS brake caliper

Brembo has unveiled the brand new ECS brake caliper made entirely of aluminium that will equip the new Alpine A110 with two functions in a single caliper body – innovative design and record-setting lightweight
Brembo, is participating for the first time this year in the Geneva International Motor Show, bringing a brand new ECS (Electromechanical Combined Sliding) caliper made entirely of aluminium to the automotive “boutique”.

Standing out for its unrivalled weight savings, the new ECS combines service and parking brake functions in a single caliper body, thanks to the gearmotor, developed by Brembo.

This technology is an addition to the existing Brembo EPB (Electric Parking Brake) product range composed of the Brembo Extrema caliper, already available on the market for a few years, and the stand-alone EP (Electric Parking). The ECS caliper provides excellent braking performance ensuring parking brake activation at any temperature and in any conditions, thanks also to the optimized friction material.

In order to ensure unrivalled safety margins in emergency situations, Brembo has developed and fine-tuned monitoring software that activates dynamic braking: in the event that both of the caliper’s hydraulic circuits should fail to operate, the driver can stop the car by using the parking brake.

The new Brembo caliper also has the hot-brake reclamp feature: when the vehicle is parked on a slope, the software automatically activates the caliper to recover the thermal deformation of the disc and pads. This prevents the car from sliding downward on steep slopes, at very high temperatures.

The aluminium, used both for the caliper body and bracket guarantees a weight advantage of 1.25 kg (2.7 lbs.) on the unsprung masses compared with an equivalent cast iron floating caliper: the total weight reduction is therefore 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.) for the rear axle.

Thanks to this solution, Brembo delivers a caliper that is aesthetically comparable to a fixed caliper able to add any type of painting or logo. The new ECS caliper will initially be available in blue, and shortly after the oxidized black and orange painted versions will be introduced.

The first units already rolled off the Brembo production lines in January in order to equip the new Alpine A110. Brembo also provides the ultralight French sports car with its monobloc 4-piston front calipers with 38 mm-pistons.