Brembo to launch expanded ‘Beyond’ range

Brembo says it is putting its full expertise into delivering innovative, advanced mobility solutions through its award-winning ‘Beyond’ product family. Both of its existing Beyond solutions will now be significantly enhanced and made available for further vehicle classes.

Aftermarket customers can already benefit from two Brembo Beyond solutions, each founded on the company’s six decades of developing advanced OE braking technologies with top vehicle manufacturers and racing teams.

The Brembo Beyond Greenance Kit offers Euro 7-compliant braking solutions that significantly reduce PM10 and PM2.5 emissions, on top of generating savings on the overall total cost of vehicle ownership – without any compromise on performance.

In addition, the Brembo Beyond EV Kit, dedicated to electric and plug-in vehicles, eliminates rust and noise.

Going forward, the Beyond family will be expanded to include more braking products, for a wider variety of vehicles.

The full expanded range will be launched at Automechanika Frankfurt in September.