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Brembo – the brakes Germans love best

Readers polled by the top five German automotive publications have unanimously chosen Brembo as the best braking system manufacturer.

Brembo received this outstanding recognition as a result of independent reader surveys conducted by five German trade publications of their readers. The magazines in question were: “Motorrad”, “Auto Motor und Sport”, “Motorsport aktuell”, “PS” and “Autobild”.

Winning first place in five different polls does not happen by coincidence, especially if the voters are German motorsport aficionados, some of the most competent and meticulous in the world. Moreover, Germany leads Europe in car sales (3,350,000 in 2016) and is second for motorcycle sales (175,000 bikes last year).

These tributes award Brembo’s incessant efforts to improve its braking systems, which have been tested for over 40 years in the world’s most demanding competitions: Formula 1, MotoGP, World Superbike, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and World Rally Championship. Many of these systems have been transferred to series production to improve braking for people who use their cars and bikes on a daily basis.

Brembo’s success in the survey conducted by “Motorrad”, the point of reference for two-wheeler fans, wasn’t surprising since it won first place over the last 11 competitions. This year, Brembo garnered a good 84.5 per cent of the 49,461 votes submitted. Brembo has every intention of protecting this wide margin over the competition in years to come by continuing to respond to customer needs.

For eight years now, Brembo has been deemed the best by readers of “Auto Motor und Sport”, the German magazine known as an authority on street cars and motorsports. This time Brembo captured 70.1 per cent of the votes, outpacing the competition by 15 percentage points.

Also, for the seventh time in a row Brembo beat rivals in the survey conducted by “Motorsport aktuell”, a magazine founded way back in 1963. And this was even a dual victory as among producers of car brake system tuning, the Company was named best by 80.4 per cent of the voters and among motorcycle brake pad producers, Brembo secured 75.7 per cent of the votes.

Moreover, Brembo has been named as “Best Brand” by “PS” magazine readers in the category of brake pad manufacturers for the ninth consecutive year.
Last but not least, according to the survey, conducted among the readers of “Autobild” magazine, Brembo has won the award for the best braking systems manufacturer for the sixth year running. 64 per cent of the readers who took part in the survey named Brembo as “Best Brand” for 2017.