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Brembo introduces new compact caliper

One major obstacle when fitting fixed calipers in compact vehicles has always been the lack of space between the disc and the wheel due to the size of the vehicle and the particular architecture of the suspension systems used in these segments.

Now, Brembo has introduced Flexira, a new high performance aluminium caliper concept designed to help vehicle manufacturers combat this.

Flexira is able to be inserted in tight spaces, maintaining the functionality and performance typical of a fixed caliper, but at the same time having dimensions similar to those of a floating caliper.

The Brembo compact caliper has 38 and 42 mm diameter pistons; a pad with a 72 cm2 surface and 11 mm thick friction material.

Brembo says its patented solution guarantees a significant reduction in mass compared to the cast iron floating calipers normally used on vehicles in segments A, B and C. This significant reduction of the vehicle’s unsprung weight allows fuel consumption and polluting emissions to be reduced, at the same time increasing the vehicle’s dynamic efficiency and reducing moments of inertia.