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Brembo at Mechanex Manchester

Brake specialists Brembo, is exhibiting this week at Mechanex, at EventCity in Manchester.

During the exhibition, visitors have the chance to attend a seminar which will portray a picture of Brembo world. The different ranges of Brembo aftermarket products will be examined, with a look over braking systems of the future.

Moreover, there will be an engaging game, named The Chrono Race, which consists of replacing the brake pads in a Ferrari carbon ceramic module. The first five fastest players will receive a prize out of Brembo branded gadgets.

Stand visitors will also have the opportunity to find products from the premium range, intended for the most important car makers, which includes composite and floating brake discs made up of special materials with high performance and dedicated ventilations.

The new range of sporty look Xtra discs will also be put on display, with their brilliant performance in all conditions, as well as the range of Brembo brake fluid (low viscosity, high boiling point) and the brake pads, designed to ensure a safe drive.

The new lubricant Brembo B-Quiet will be part of the show, too. It guarantees protection of the brake system components against corrosion.