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Brembo and Polestar collaborating on new brake caliper

Brembo and Polestar will collaborate on an all-new aluminium brake caliper specifically designed for the Polestar 2

Brembo will produce the two-piece 4-piston aluminium front caliper and its exclusive dual-cast floating brake disc for the Polestar 2.

“Brembo is a proud partner on the all-new Polestar 2,” said Daniele Schillaci, CEO, Brembo SpA. “This was a collaborative development project with the Polestar team that results in a caliper that compliments the overall styling theme of the Polestar 2. When you combine the progressive copper look with the technology of this beautiful lightweight brake system, you get excellent stopping power with a distinctive appearance that also promotes sustainability, helping to increase mileage and battery range.”

The Brembo front caliper is designed to provide the 375 mm X 35 mm disc with maximum clamping power. The low-drag design of the caliper keeps pads from dragging on the discs resulting in quiet braking performance, reduced rolling resistance, and improved battery regeneration. The four pistons have the same diameter and are offset towards the trailing side which avoids tapered, uneven, wear of the pads.

The dual-cast floating brake disc is made of two materials, cast iron and aluminium. This new disc has many advantages: reduced weight (15-20 per cent lighter), greater driving comfort, less corrosion, less wear and better brake performance.

The dual-cast floating brake disc has a cast-iron braking surface and an aluminium hat, combining the advantages of cast iron’s heat-resistance with the lightweight properties of aluminium. The two materials are innovatively combined into a single component. During operation, the disc effectively maximises performance by functioning as an integral disc at low temperatures, then as a floating disc at high temperatures with minimal distortion.