Brake-pipe flaring kit from Laser Tools

New to the Laser Tools range is this comprehensive brake pipe flaring tool kit (part number 8522), suitable for on-vehicle brake pipe repair and maintenance even when access is restricted.

Everything you need is included in one box — the kit is based around a hand-held 3/16″ SAE flaring tool that can form both single and double flares in copper and cupro-nickel brake pipes.

This is a compact flaring tool, ideal for getting up into tight areas underneath the vehicle, enabling a neat flare without removing the brake pipe.

Also included is a ratcheting, self-adjusting mini brake pipe cutter to suit 3/16″ (4.75mm) pipe and ideal for restricted access, plus a compact internal deburring tool, with an internal pipe size range of 3-10mm.

Two mini pipe benders plus four brake pipe clamps are included, to assist in copying the curves on an existing pipe — clamp the existing pipe and the new pipe together, then bend the new pipe to the contours of the existing pipe.

The brake pipe clamps are designed to be used on-vehicle or on the bench. High-pressure punch grease is included, and everything is supplied in a rugged blow mould carry-case.