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Brake fitting kits from Borg & Beck

To undertake service or repair work on a vehicle’s braking system, technicians need to be sure they are fitting a brand they can trust, with a quality product that both they and their valued customers can depend on. First Line Ltd is a renowned and trusted aftermarket supplier and, under its Borg & Beck brand, offers a range of Becktec coated brake discs and double rubber shimmed brake pads that provide the ideal solution for independent workshops.

When it comes to installing brake pads and discs, it is essential that vital procedures are not overlooked, as this may lead to induced premature failure of the new components. Calipers, for example, need to be able to operate freely, so must be clear of dust, dirt and corrosion and caliper bolts should be replaced, as many are one use only, so may not torque correctly if reused.

If there are slider pins, these need to be cleaned and lubricated with a suitable silicone-based lubricant and, if they have been on the vehicle for a long period of time, any clips should be replaced, as their tension will have been severely reduced. Wear leads that are not an integral part of the pad, should also be replaced when required for the application.

As a result, when purchasing brake pads, workshops need to check with the factor to see if all the necessary parts are included, as some kits will not be supplied with replacement caliper bolts and essential springs and clips, as they may be sold separately as fitting kits.

Borg & Beck’s range of more than 630 brake fitting kits and in excess of 200 wear leads, provides a comprehensive solution for both pads and shoes, ensuring the correct operation of the braking assembly is achieved, minimising the possibility of noise, uneven wear, or unequal brake effort following complete replacement.

When supplying workshops, factors should always check to see if additional components are required to fit the pads or shoes and if so, with a full range of fitting kits, Borg & Beck is able to supply the correct solution for virtually every application.