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Bosch’s unveils streamlined AutoCat catalogue

Reflecting the modern market for the service and repair industry, Bosch has streamlined its cataloguing process and it is now even easier to find the right fit for vehicles. Knowing the value garages place on having a clear spark plug choice, there is now a clear OE recommendation for each vehicle.

Bosch_V25_NewAudio_Uncompressed_59465 copyWith garages benefiting from an optimised portfolio of options, less variations are required to be held in stock and they can continue to receive a product they can rely on. Bosch spark plugs fulfil the specific requirements of car manufacturers, offering the highest level of reliability and using state-of-the-art technology. The catalogue still provides diverse and broad market coverage, remaining relevant and up-to-date, but is now easier to navigate as garages look to restock.

The cataloguing ensures that the correct spark plug is clearly identified, and matches the original equipment spark plug. Bosch offers a standard “Bosch Spark Plug” range (Nickel-Chrome, Nickel-Yttriumin spark plug) to cover vehicles that were fitted with a nickel spark plug in OE. There is also an upgrade option, designed for older vehicles, using ‘Super 4’ technology. If the vehicle was fitted with precious metal spark plug while manufacturing, Bosch relies on precious metal alloys with platinum or iridium in portfolio.

Bosch engineers have been using precious metal alloys since the early 1960s, and the use of platinum not only broadens the heat range beyond that achieved with a copper core centre electrode design, but also provides improved corrosion and erosion resistance, a reliable spark and a longer performance life, lasting twice as long as standard copper plugs.

Bosch’s own original equipment design, materials and processes represent the best of OE technology and this expertise is reflected in the Automotive Aftermarket offering. Bosch is able to call on its 113 years’ experience in the industry, and its unique cross-system expertise in automotive technology. Bosch spark plugs are also used in international motorsport. The experience gained from motorsport and OE applications is implemented in the development of Bosch series-production spark plugs.