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Bosch unveils DAS 1000 calibration set

Today, an increasing number of new cars are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Bosch estimates that more than half of all cars first registered in 2017 came with at least one driver assistance system and yet the equipment level is expected to continue rising significantly until 2020.

The number of assistance functions will increase too and all of this will have a significant influence on everyday work at automotive workshops including bodyshops. Even for minor repairs, maintenance and servicing, post-accident crash repairs or windshield replacement, radar and ultrasonic sensors as well as camera systems need to be readjusted. This includes accurate calibration in line with the vehicle’s geometric driving axle. The same applies to any repair task concerning drivetrain, wheel alignment or tuning measures in case it has any influence on the vehicle axles or height. Such modifications often make previous sensor settings useless thus demanding readjustment. Even minor misalignment results in error messages and causes the failure of the assistance systems affected.

Bosch DAS 1000 calibration
Sensor and camera calibration provides automotive workshops with new opportunities to generate additional revenue. However, this requires proper know-how, manufacturer information on sensors and camera systems as well as the appropriate workshop equipment. Using its DAS 1000 calibration set, Bosch offers an ADAS workshop tool allowing accurate adjustment of radar sensors and cameras of driver assistance systems.

Originally developed for vehicles produced by the VW group, the significantly expanded system with different calibration targets can now be used for almost all European, Japanese and Korean makes.

For this purpose, the calibration targets are connected to the SCT 1415 adjustment bar allowing highly accurate adjustment and making the calibration set a universally applicable multi-brand tool. For the exact determination of the geometric driving axle, the robust calibration set can be combined with Bosch FWA 4650+ 3D or Bosch FWA 4455 CCD wheel-alignment systems. In an easily understood step-by-step manner, a special FWA-software program guides the operator across proper positioning of the measurement device.

In case the device is only meant to be used for camera calibration, for instance at a glass service specialist workshop, Bosch also offers a basic version in line with the manufacturer specifications. For this purpose, the calibration set is complemented by a laser module for the alignment towards the vehicle’s longitudinal center line and the SCT 415 front-camera calibration device.

Bosch ESI[tronic] 2.0 workshop software completes the ADAS calibration equipment. It provides users with several vehicle-specific calibration and adjustment routines for radar/camera-based assistance systems as well as for intelligent lighting systems. Workshops are supplied with data and training methods for the sensor adjustment on all common vehicle models on the market.

sAs a prerequisite for successful calibration of ADAS systems, workshops are to meticulously comply with the most diverse manufacturer specifications. Professional calibration systems approved by the manufacturers, such as Bosch DAS 1000, FWA software or Esitronic workshop software, provide optimum support for mechatronics – throughout the complete calibration procedure.