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Bosch enhances Esitronic workshop software

Bosch has further enhanced the Esitronic 2.0 Online version following feedback of its numerous users.

Using the download manager, workshops can now opt for a quick and space- saving installation with online use of individual program components and data. In this case, only ECU diagnosis (SD) and individual spare-parts catalogs are stored locally on the workshop computer’s hard disk. Additional information – such as troubleshooting instructions and manuals (SIS), maintenance information (M), circuit diagrams (P) and the module “experience-based repair – known error patterns” (TSB/EBR) – however, can now be used online.

Using the “quick installation & online use” option at the download manager, the size of the download package can be reduced by up to 50 per cent. This does not only save disk space, it also significantly reduces the installation time. Data and information types for online access are available within short time. For this purpose, the Esitronic developers optimized the loading times by means of intelligent storage strategies and particularly fast servers for very short waiting periods. This allows even users with low internet bandwidth to use the online features of Esitronic 2.0 Online in a comfortable manner.

As if they were using online search engines, workshop employees can use the free text search of Esitronic 2.0 Online in order to access any relevant information. The search terms can, for instance, include specific symptoms, a certain error or specific vehicle components. As soon as the user enters in the first letter of the term searched for, matching search terms are proposed. Once the search term has been found, the search results are listed according to their relevance and displayed with short summaries.

In addition, the options for online use will be expanded even further in the course of the ongoing year. Afterwards, the spare-part catalogs for equipment (A), diesel (D) and electrics (E) will also be available online thus reducing the size of the download package even further. However, the complete Esitronic package including all files and programs can still be stored locally on the workshop computer’s hard disks, if desired.

Even the Computer Aided Services program CAS plus connecting troubleshooting instructions and diagnostic functions in an intelligent manner and supporting Esitronic users at their daily work can now be fully used in online mode. This makes sure workshops always use up-to-date data and latest information – independently from regular updates – as the Esitronic developers continuously publish up-to-date data. Information on new vehicles, for instance, is included at the online version of the workshop software within just a few months after their market launch.

For those Esitronic users having subscribed for technical support by Bosch workshop experts there is yet another user-friendly novelty. In case of complicated or sophisticated problems, workshop employees can push a button on the main menu of Esitronic to place their technical inquiry right out of the workshop software and at the click of a mouse. In this case, any relevant data is automatically forwarded to the Bosch experts. In addition, protocols, pictures and test values can also be uploaded. The workshop employee receives a receipt and is immediately provided with possible solutions via phone or e-mail.

As of September 2020, all new vehicle models in Europe need to feature a safe diagnostic access. For this purpose, the vehicle manufacturers are currently developing so-called security gateways significantly limiting the access to the vehicle’s electronic system via OBD socket. With this, only authorized mechanics are able to perform a complete vehicle diagnosis.

In this regard, the FCA group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) is one of the pioneers already equipping its vehicles with security gateways. In order to continue providing Esitronic users with complete diagnostic access to Fiat vehicles, Bosch presented a solution at this year’s Autopromotec Bologna. For this purpose, safety certificates are exchanged via internet connection during the vehicle diagnosis. With this, Esitronic users are granted access to the vehicle.

As a prerequisite, workshop willing to use this function need to use diagnostic testers of the latest KTS generation – i.e. KTS 560, KTS 590, KTS 350 or KTS 250. Esitronic subscribers will receive the required software adjustment via regular updates.