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Bosch adds accurate mileage check function to KTS 250

Bosch has added a new function to the compact Bosch KTS 250 which reads out any mileage data stored on a vehicle’s different control units, identifying a vehicle’s correct mileage.

A recent study by the German automobile club ADAC found that almost a third of used vehicles sold in Germany had wrongly reading mileages.

This new function from Bosch allows automotive businesses and experts to determine whether or not the mileage shown on a vehicle’s odometer is legit.

This can have a significant influence on the vehicle’s current value in cases of used vehicle valuations and leasing return.

In most cases, a vehicle’s mileage is not only stored at the odometer on the instrument cluster, but also at a large variety of different electronic control units. Bosch says even the seat memory or the park assist control unit can store information on vehicle mileage.

Once the Bosch KTS 250 diagnostic tester has been connected to the vehicle by means of the OBD cable, it can read values of the control units and the fault memory. The new KTS 250 mileage readout function creates a list of the individual mileage values stored and wireless network connection can be used to print the diagnostic protocol.

The Bosch KTS 250 ECU diagnostic tester is an intuitive and Android-based user friendly interface. It is equipped with Bosch Esitronic diagnostic software for quick ECU diagnosis on almost any type of passenger car on the market.