Bosch adding replacement parts for A/C systems

For over 15 years, Bosch has been supporting workshops with fully automatic A/C service units and accessories for the maintenance of air-conditioning systems in vehicles.

To also cover the repair needs of air-conditioning systems, Bosch is now expanding its workshop offering with A/C components.

With A/C compressors and condensers for vehicles from most European manufacturers, the new range of replacement parts initially includes two key wear parts for the air-conditioning system.

In the months ahead, Bosch says the range of replacement parts will steadily grow to include further A/C components.

To meet the high Bosch quality standards, the A/C compressors and condensers for the aftermarket undergo extensive endurance, leak, and corrosion tests. This ensures reliable performance and a long service life.

The A/C compressors are available for refrigerants commonly used on the market and are supplied pre-filled with the correct amount of oil. For easy installation, the compressors and condensers come with precisely fitting connections. The A/C components are delivered in robust, customised packaging for safe transportation and space-saving storage.

The Bosch portfolio already features A/C service units, oils for the air-conditioning circuit, and accessories for the maintenance of air-conditioning systems. In addition to the new A/C components, the range of spare parts for workshops also includes drive belts, cabin filters, and cabin blowers for work on modern vehicle air-conditioning systems.

Furthermore, Bosch offers a qualification certificate for air-conditioning technology in its training program. Bosch thus provides parts, test equipment, and service for the maintenance and repair of air-conditioning systems from a single source.

Air-conditioning systems are becoming increasingly important, particularly for the thermal management of electric cars. With many years of development and manufacturing experience, Bosch says it has comprehensive knowledge in the field of thermal systems in vehicles.

To keep engine components functioning reliably within the optimal temperature range, Bosch already offers a wide range of electric coolant pumps, solenoid valves, and engine cooling fans. In electric vehicles, the air-conditioning system will also be included in the thermal management system in the future, which was previously mainly used for interior cooling.

In the future, the air-conditioning circuit will play an important role in cooling the battery, the electric motor, and the power electronics.