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Borg & Beck offers complete wiper blade range

In terms of the driver, one of the most important road safety elements is the ability to see clearly in adverse weather conditions, which is why when a wiper blade needs replacement, it should be of premium quality.

During the winter months there is sure to be plenty of challenging weather conditions that could hinder the driver’s visibility and due to temperature changes, over time the rubber blades will inevitably deteriorate. As a result, when a vehicle enters the workshop for a service, it is important to check the wiper blades to ensure they are in the best condition and winter ready before heading back out on to the road.

First Line Ltd, under its Borg & Beck brand, offers a range of premium quality wiper blades consisting of more than 60 references across five styles, with a complete selection of fitting adaptors, to ensure the widest possible vehicle coverage.

To ensure premium quality is maintained across the range, all Borg & Beck wiper blades are manufactured from 100 per cent natural rubber, with the added benefit of a liquid graphite coating, providing a consistently smooth and silent operation and a streak free windscreen.

The Borg & Beck wiper blade range consists of conventional blades, which was the standard fitment for most vehicles until recently and is available in sizes from 11 to 28 inches. The spoiler blade, which is primarily fitted on the driver’s side to ensure extra contact and therefore, improved visibility at high speeds, is available in lengths from 18 to 28 inches.

For a unique design with a flatter spoiler and available from 15 to 30 inches, Borg & Beck offers the flat blade, which minimises drag whilst maximising screen clearing. This wiper blade comes with a multi functioning mounting base and clips, making the blades easy to fit.

The hybrid blade, which is available from 16 to 28 inches, provides motorists with a modern replacement to a conventional blade that combines the aerodynamic properties of the Borg & Beck flat blade and the reliable wiping performance of the conventional blade. It has an integrated spoiler that runs the entire length of the blade, reducing wind lift at high speed, whilst delivering a consistent down force, providing an even load distribution across the windscreen. This design offers a chatter free, smooth wiping action, which prolongs the life of the blade.

Finally, the rear blade, which is also supplied with multiple mounting clips, covering eight to 16 inches.