Borg & Beck introduces brake fluid

Brake Fluid is a safety critical product that is essential for maintaining the braking performance of a vehicle. As a renowned supplier of Braking components to the aftermarket, Borg & Beck, with its original equipment (OE) heritage, is an expert in all aspects of braking technology and therefore, understands the best hydraulic products for the system.

Borg & Beck Dot 4 is a premium Brake and Clutch Fluid for the hydraulic systems of all passenger car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle applications for which non-petroleum based fluid of this type is specified. It conforms to and exceeds the current international specifications U.S. FMVSS No.116 Dot 4 and Dot 3, SAE J1703 and J1704 and ISO 4925 (Classes 3 & 4). It also mixes safely with other clutch and brake fluids that conform to these same standards and has a typical dry boiling point of 260ºC and typical wet boiling point of 160ºC.

Technicians should replace Brake Fluid biennially and when carrying out routine checks, top it up as required, as friction material wears during use, leading to piston movement in the callipers, which reduces the fluid level in the reservoir and so this needs replenishing. Technicians may also need to top up the Brake Fluid following service or repairs that involve the braking hydraulic system, especially after bleeding the brakes.

Borg & Beck offers a Braking range that consists of more than 6,800 references, all of which are supplied with the necessary accessories for complete ease of fitment. Furthermore, these Brake and Clutch components are backed by a comprehensive two-year/24,000 mile warranty against manufacturing defects, all of which are now complemented by this new premium quality Brake Fluid, making Borg & Beck the preferred choice for all Braking requirements.