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Blue Print has the solution for inlet manifold repairs

Blue Print stocks an extensive range of components for a variety of different vehicle makes and models, so you might not be aware of all the different parts that are available. This month we take a closer look at the inlet manifold repair kit for Chevrolet Matiz (ADG06290).

Blue Print ADG06290_a copyA common problem on the 800cc Daewoo/Chevrolet Matiz is corrosion of the alloy cylinder head and distortion or warping of the plastic inlet manifold, resulting in a coolant leak between the two.

The plastic inlet manifold on this three cylinder engine includes a ‘blanking plate’, which is moulded to the end and seals against a water-way on the cylinder head. Over time the plastic deteriorates, eventually resulting in a coolant leak.

Blue Print’s inlet manifold repair kit (ADG06290) provides a long term cure to this particular problem, comprising of a high quality blanking plate and modified manifold gasket. Blue Print provides a high quality replacement option that is unavailable from the manufacturer. Our repair kit saves time and money, removing the need for such frequent replacements of such an easy wear part.

Top tip:

Top up the engine coolant as necessary after the repair. Run engine and re-check for coolant leak.

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