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Blue Print filter training for Fyfes

Fyfes Vehicle and Engineering Supplies Ltd. continues to show its commitment to investing in the future of the aftermarket, after its sales team successfully took part in Blue Print filter training last month.

Held over four branches in Ballymena, Belfast, Omagh and Lurgan on May 21, 22 and 30, Fyfes staff attended covering its external sales team, counter staff and Branch Managers.

The training was carried out by Charles Figgins and addressed the latest filtration technology being driven by Blue Print Filters, along with the numerous benefits available to aftermarket customers.

The presentation began with the key selling points of its filters, covering the features and functions of a good filter, including Bypass Valve Operation, before it moved on to the different types of air, fuel and cabin filters available, illustrating in detail the technology involved.

The technical presentation empowered the Fyfe team to enhance their understanding of the various technologies as well as the OE pedigree of the Blue Print brand, when compared to OE and other aftermarket brands. The team were able to hear how each Blue Print filter is designed and manufactured to meet OE standards through regular destructive and non-destructive testing, as well as gaining insight into Blue Print’s quality control procedure which forms part of its Quality Guarantee.

Tony Fyfe, Fyfes Managing Director said: “One of the most important things is that our staff have sound confidence and knowledge in the products they are selling. Garages want to fit a quality filter product that not only works but offers superior performance, and these training sessions equip our team with the right expertise and understanding of Blue Print’s OE pedigree to be able to communicate this to customers.”

Trading in Ballymena for over 100 years, Fyfes now employs more than 200 staff, boasting 15 branches in Northern Ireland along with a depot in Drogheda, Ireland. Offering a range of vehicle components, tools, consumables and engineering supplies, Northern Ireland’s largest motor factor has continued to develop and improve its portfolio of quality products.