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Blue Print clutches

Blue Print is no longer just an Asian specialist, supplying the full solution for the aftermarket’s needs with the continued high-quality and customer support the brand is known for. Blue Print offers more than 1,100 repair kits, covering over 30,000 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles applications.

Customers and partners can choose from a broad range of clutch components with proven reliability, assured by our excellent quality standards. The product portfolio also includes high-quality repair solutions for dual-mass flywheel and self-adjusting clutches as part of the complimentary SmartFit category.

Blue Print offers one of the highest degrees of development when it comes to the manufacturing of clutches. All of its products are rigorously tested and specified to exacting original equipment standards.

Specified and intricate measurement tools are used for manufacture, ensuring complete attention to detail. Our selection of partners and manufacturers are subject to regular inspections by fully qualified auditors to maintain a consistently high level of accuracy and quality.

The SmartFit for the dual mass-flywheel type clutches, is a perfectly coordinated combination of a rigid flywheel and clutch disc, with torsion damper, guaranteeing excellent vibration damping and with the customary high degree of driving comfort. To protect the gearbox, torsion dampers, tuned specifically to the engine. Any torsional vibrations generated are filtered out in all driving conditions, noise is reduced, and the service life of the clutch is prolonged using low-wear clutch linings.