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Blue Print braking is right first time

Braking components are vital to the safe running of your vehicle and the safety of those around you. The key to optimum performance is the quality of components being fitted to ensure service life and avoid excessive wear between service intervals.

Blue Print’s braking range is comprehensive, with a range of more than 7,000 braking components. Every Blue Print braking component is researched, designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the OE specification standards. Undergoing stringent and regular quality checks to ensure maximum safety, optimum performance and long service life.

Blue Print’s Braking Range includes: brake discs, brake pads, brake shoes, brake calipers, wheel cylinders, brake master cylindersm ABS sensors and more.

Brake Discs
Blue Print’s brake discs have anti-corrosion paint applied, ensuring long-lasting performance, as well as being balanced to minimise resonance and torsional vibration. Blue Print also tests its brake discs with salt spray to ensure corrosion resistance.

Brake Pads
For all Blue Print’s brake pads, all applications are approved in accordance with ECE R-90 regulations and are scorched to a temperature between 600-700 ֯c. In addition to this, Blue Print’s brake pads are also painted with powder epoxy paint to ensure a black silk finish. Anti-seal lubricant is applied in all pad sets and covers Asian, American and British vehicles.

Brake Calipers
Dependent on application, brake calipers can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, utilising hydraulic and electronic pressure. Blue Print offers a variety, each manufactured to OE specifications to ensure maximum safety.

Brake Shoes
Each Blue Print brake shoe has been curved into shape and coated with friction material.

Blue Print offers over 4,880 braking components for a range of vehicle applications. Each braking component is rigorously tested to ensure maximum safety and manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications.

Tip: The influence of other components on braking parts could hide the root of the problem – always check all braking parts during repairs to avoid missing anything.

Why Blue Print?
Blue Print has 20 years’ of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket and all parts are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications.

The Blue Print range offers a balance of high-performance, driving comfort and longevity.

Blue Print is part of the world-wide bilstein group, committed to providing first-class products. All braking parts comes will a three unlimited mileage warranty.

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The Blue Print product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the strong brands febi and SWAG. Further information can be found at