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Blackwater Motors continues support of Blood Bike South

2020 marks the third year of the partnership between Blackwater Motors Group and the Blood Bike South. As part of the continued support, Blackwater Motors has provided Blood Bike South with a 202 Volkswagen Polo.

Pictured here L-R, Kevin O’Connor, Blood Bike South Volunteer, Richie Daly, Blackwater Motors Senior Sales Executive, and Kevin O’Donovan, Blood Bike South Volunteer.

On hand at the presentation of the new Polo to the charity, fellow Blood Bikes South volunteer and Blackwater Motors’ Senior Sales Executive, Ritchie Daly, said: “I am personally very proud to be part of both organisations. I know firsthand the time and effort put in by all the volunteers in Blood Bike South. This year more that most years the volunteers put themselves to the forefront during this pandemic.

“We were available 24/7 service throughout the Covid-19 crisis and facilitated hospitals throughout the country in every way we could. But this would not be possible without the support and generosity of Blackwater Motors.

“Having the Volkswagen Polo means we never have to turn down a call due to weather. Also with the Polo, it has made the collection and distribution of critical PPE possible allowing us to move large quantities in shortest possible time. We in Blood Bike South are beyond grateful to Denis Murphy and David Quirke and hopefully this partnership lasts for years to come.”

Blood Bike South is a charitable organisation, operating primarily in the southern region of Ireland. Their mission is to assist hospitals and other medical facilities, along with local communities, by providing a voluntary motorcycle transport service for blood and other urgent medical materials on an out-of-hours basis.

The Blood Bike South Organisation worked tirelessly behind the scenes throughout lockdown to provide those on the frontline with Personal Protective Equipment. They were on hand at anytime to provide crucial aid to hospitals around Munster.

Blood Bike South’s services are provided by local volunteers, who take part in advanced training and undergo regular reviews of their skills. The volunteers give up their time to serve their communities and hospitals. The charity heavily relies on the support of local communities and businesses to help them pay for running costs such as insurance and petrol.