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Behr Hella Service presents products for electric and hybrid vehicles

Behr Hella Service, the thermal management experts, will present product solutions for intelligent thermal management, for increasing the range and the battery lifespan of electric and hybrid vehicles at Automechanika, Frankfurt, September 11-15.

At the leading international fair for the automotive aftermarket, Behr Hella Service will illustrate how cooling and air-conditioning circuits are designed in electric and hybrid vehicles. The air-conditioning compressor is the heart of the air-conditioning system, so via a sectional model, attendees can take a closer look at an e-compressor.

Furthermore, Behr Hella Service will present electric coolant pumps, which enable efficient cooling in electric and hybrid vehicles, since they only require cooling when necessary. Electric coolant pumps are also no longer coupled to the drive motor and are therefore able to be active during the idling phases of the start/stop automatic system.

In addition to its products for the thermal management in electric and hybrid vehicles, Behr Hella Service will also show solutions for conventional vehicles. To this end, the company will use an interactive model to illustrate the workings of the air conditioning circuit. Typical error patterns and causes of an air conditioning compressor damage will be shown at an information pillar.

As a further highlight, Behr Hella Service will present products promoting sustainability. With a view to minimizing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and in order to observe the tough Euro 6 limit values, the company is now supplying exhaust gas recirculation radiators (EGR radiators), for example. As one of the first providers to the independent aftermarket, the thermal management expert is also offering selected components for R744 refrigerant circuits.

Behr Hella Service not only has solutions for passenger cars, but also for trucks and the company will be exhibiting a cooling module (Euro 6) consisting of coolant radiator, charge air cooler and air conditioning condenser for a MAN TGM 2005.