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Banner publishes quick reference guide to start-stop batteries

With an increasing number of AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) start-stop batteries now entering the UK automotive aftermarket, Banner Batteries is seeking to remove elements of confusion that surround them, particularly when it comes to their replacement.

Banner’s UK Country Manager, Lee Quinney comments: “Despite having been in existence for a number of years now, we have identified that across all levels of the aftermarket that a level of uncertainty exists when it comes to AGM and EFB batteries, not just in terms of exactly what they are, but what they do and, more importantly, how they should be replaced.

“With this in mind, and with Banner being one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of this technology, we have decided to produce a quick reference guide to start/stop batteries that is already proving a big hit with many of our customers. This serves to arm people with all they need to know, the main message being one of: ‘A start stop car always requires a start stop battery’.”

When it comes to the replacement of either an AGM or EFB battery, Banner is understandably pointing technicians to its online portal –

All that is required is for a vehicle’s registration to be entered into a novel ‘number plate’ shaped window and the system does the rest.

With AGM and EFB batteries being installed on almost every new car produced today for start-stop systems that require smart or brake regeneration charging, the guide also features a useful FAQs section, as well as a chart that clearly depicts their technical characteristics when compared to those of a conventional, flooded lead acid battery.

Contact Banner Batteries 01 889 571100 to receive a copy of the guide.