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Avoid costly repairs of headlight lenses with the new repair kit from Cromax

Stone chips, UV radiation, incorrect care and maintenance, and other mechanical influences can damage vehicle headlight lenses or cause them to go cloudy or yellow.

This damage mars the headlights’ polycarbonate surface, which can negatively impact the amount of light transmitted and may increase the risk of accidents.

Cromax says that thanks to its new repair kit, bodyshops can easily repair headlight lenses instead of replacing them. The new dedicated Cromax headlight repair kit has been developed with high grade paint materials specifically to fix small scratches and to get rid of any yellowing on polycarbonate headlights.

The kit is comprised of: DR5500A headlight degreaser in a 400ml can, PS5501A headlight primer in a 250ml can, which protects the polycarbonate headlight lens and provides adhesion in one closed spray pass, and two 250ml cans of CC5502A 2K headlight clear, which offers a longer-lasting shield in a single coat than traditional 1K clears. Thanks to the aerosol cans, the products can be used outside the spraybooth in properly ventilated preparation areas, making these repairs very easy and quick.

“Cromax delivers solutions that help refinishers work more productively, and this new headlight repair kit is no exception. This smart repair is an added-value service bodyshops can offer. It allows bodyshops to quickly and easily repair a scuffed and marred headlight lens in about 50 minutes, without them having to be removed,” says Kevin Welling, Training Academy Manager for Axalta Coating Systems in the UK and Ireland.

This system is not suitable for repairing broken or deformed headlights or those with cracks and holes.