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AutoQuip adds ER80 Spotter wheel balancer to range

AutoQuip, garage and tyre shop equipment specialists has added the ER80 Spotter wheel balancer to its ever increasing range from Cemb.

The ER80 balancer is the result of CEMB’s consolidated experience in the manufacturing of high technology garage and industrial balancers since 1946.

The ER80SE was selected by the F1 world championship and Pirelli for balancing all of their wheels. Since 2012 30 ER80SE’s have been working endlessly at racetracks worldwide, guaranteeing security and performance to all the teams.

The ER80 has been developed to offer the operator the best possible working conditions. Every tool is in a handy position, there’s total access to the internal part of rim, all accessories are within reach and the touch panel is easy to use/ There are just a few of the advantages developed for the end user.

The automatic gauge for distance and diameter input (up to 30″ rims) and the LA Sonar device for wheel width measurement allow an immediate detection of all necessary wheel parameters.

The wheel is locked in position for weight application by an electromagnetic brake, there’s an LED light to illuminate the working area in the internal part of rim and Spotter Laser for accurate positioning of the counter-weights that guarantee a perfect balancing operation in one single spin.

The ER80 also uses ‘one plane balancing’ where the balancer indicates the exact point inside the rim where it is possible to balance the wheel, minimizing both static and dynamic imbalance, using only one counterweight and thus enabling a great saving in time and money.

For more information on the ER80 Spotter wheel balancer, contact AutoQuip on 021-4642889 / 086-1727569 or at