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Autopromotec hosts state of the industry conference

Autopromotec, the biennial international automotive aftermarket exhibition, which takes place in Bologna, Italy, May 24-28 next year, held a “State of the Industry” conference in June, which looked at the future of the automotive aftermarket, and the upcoming challenges the industry is facing.


During the conference, high profile international speakers emphasised how the automotive market is undergoing a deep change dictated mainly by the Internet of Things (IOT), the extension of the Internet to vehicles and automotive equipment.

New technologies applied to vehicles and their impact on the aftersales supply chain and automotive services, was also a topic discussed during the conference. In addressing conference attendees, Prof. Dipak R. Pant (Head of the Interdisciplinary Unit for Sustainable Economy at Carlo Cattaneo University) underlined the importance of knowing how to add value and versatility to technological upgrading, making it simple and easy to use for a diverse set of users.

All this takes on even greater value in the automotive aftermarket segment during a time of enormous technological developments.

In a new departure, Autopromotec has added a “conference” dimension to its offering, giving the entire sector a new opportunity for networking and information exchange.

Renzo Servadei, CEO of Autopromotec, explained the motivations that led to the organisation of theAutopromotec Conference: “Having an in-depth knowledge of the scenario in which we operate is extremely important in order to face new challenges and make the best decisions. Autopromotec cannot limit itself to showcasing products and innovations; it must also be an opportunity for exchanging ideas, as only when ideas circulate there can be development.”

In this context, the 2017 edition of the trade exhibition, more than ever will represent a key event for the whole automotive industry. At Autopromotec 2017, industry players will have the opportunity to gain full understanding of how companies are dealing with this change and to keep abreast of the latest innovations and solutions. At the same time, through AutopromotecEDU they will be able to explore issues related to both management and marketing, also related to the introduction of on- board telematics.