Autolite returns to Europe

Renowned spark plug brand Autolite has re-entered the European market, launching through its parent company First Brands Group at Automechanika Frankfurt.

Currently, Autolite is distributed in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, but will now be making its mark in the European aftermarket too, with stock available now through European distributors. Autolite Copper spark plugs deliver quick starts, good fuel economy and smooth acceleration.

Autolite Double Platinum spark plugs have a platinum-to-platinum design that greatly decreases gap erosion and reduces mis res. These are superior-performing spark plugs for distributor less ignition system (DIS) engines. Autolite Iridium XPis an original equipment (OE)replacement iridium spark plug, balancing a tested blend of iridium, platinum and palladium.

Autolite Iridium XP plugs precisely focus spark energy at the optimum ignition point to deliver high power, long life and exceptional value.

Autolite Iridium Ultra is an engineered OE replacement iridium spark plug. A laser-welded 0.5 mm iridium finewire centre electrode provides optimal fuel efficiency, acceleration and focused ignitability. Autolite Glowplugs provide a fast and reliable cold start for both older engines and the most modern applications. Featuring after-glow capability, and made from premium quality materials to meet OE standards.

Airtex announcement
Sister brand, water and fuel pump manufacturer Airtex also made a big announcement at Automechanika. Airtex, revealed its Electro-hydraulic Control Flow (ECF) waterpump, which is now available to the independent aftermarket.

After six years of development, 6,500 testing hours, 50 prototypes and 120 hydraulic tests, Airtex has introduced its new ECF water pump, which is an aftermarket alternative to the original equipment (OE) version that is used for 1.6 and 2.0-litre VAG engines from 2012 onwards, which now total more than nine million vehicles across Europe.

Using a similar technology, previously only available from the OE manufacturer, the water pump varies flow rate according to the requirements of the engine, which results in improved engine warm up times, leading to gains in fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

However, the pump uses Airtex’s own patented Switch ECF technology to vary the flow rate, without infringing the original patent, making the company the first manufacturer to offer a true replacement to the OE water pump, with matching ECF technology.

The Airtex ECF pump (reference 1978) is available as a single water pump unit, or as part of the increasingly popular water pump kit programme, with reference WPK- 197801 including the water pump, timing belt, tensioner and pulley.