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Autoinform Live 2020 Wolverhampton cancelled

Autoinform Live, which was due to be held at the GTG Academy in Wolverhampton between April 25-26, has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

OESAA chairman, Nigel Morgan, said: “We have taken the regrettable decision to postpone Autoinform Live due to circumstances beyond our control.

“Many trainers have been forced to withdraw from the event due to company-imposed restrictions, and we feel compelled to help limit industry exposure to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Obviously this decision was not made lightly and is deeply disappointing to everyone at OESAA, as well as our associates, who have all worked so hard on the event up to this point.”

OESAA member Denso Europe’s Pan European Strategic Marketing Manager, Fatiha Laauich, said: “Naturally, I am sad that Autoinform Live in Wolverhampton will not be going ahead this year; however, staff and visitors’ health and well-being are the priority and this decision is a reflection of that.”