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Autoelectro UK confident of tackling seasonality

According to Autoelectro UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, seasonality is not as prominent as it once was with summer usually being the season when the rotating electrics sector takes a breather.

“Without doubt, winter is our season; it stands to reason as more vehicle electronics are utilized during the winter months. With shorter daylight hours and poorer weather conditions, motorists use their wiper blades, heater, heated seats, windscreen, rear window etc, all of which make the alternator work closer to its capacity and is, traditionally, when failures occur”, said Hood.

“Over the years, though, the demands on the starter motor and alternator have increased and is maintained throughout the vehicle; for example, air conditioning or climate control is standard on a lot of vehicles these days. In the 1980s and 90s, most drivers and passengers would roll down their window in the summer but not today. The use of daytime running lights and infotainment systems put added strain on the alternator throughout the year”.

“In addition, emission control has come to the forefront in recent years, so not only is the alternator working harder but so is the starter motor; therefore, although seasonality does exist, the spikes we’re used to seeing in sales are more ‘blips’ these days”, Hood added.

When asked do extremely hot conditions take its toll on the components, Hood replied,

“Extreme heat can cause problems to a lot of components – not just starter motors and alternators – but, even in the summer we’re currently experiencing, I am not convinced that temperatures of 30-35 degrees centigrade will translate to many issues for modern unit”.

“As mentioned above, it is the related demand from the driver to maintain their and passenger comfort that causes the issues.”

Hood also commented on what the ‘hot’ topics in the industry are at the moment,

“For a considerable time now, many customers have been lulled into a pre-fixation of price-competitive, low-cost and surcharge-free units, but, as with most components, there is an increasing recognition that technology is changing and experts – not box-pushers – are the only ones capable of providing the support and information for these modern unit requirements”.

“Autoelectro is the supplier to provide technical support. We have set out to reach this position in the market, in part through the development of late units where we see the changing and latest technologies. As we move forward, this technical support will only become more prevalent, in addition, of course, to the availability of these latest applications. We are already known in the aftermarket for having the best range and availability”, Hood concluded.