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Autoelectro to exhibit at A1 Motor Stores Trade Show

Autoelectro, the independent remanufacturer of starter motors and alternators, will be highlighting how it is consistently delivering a premium quality range and why availability is top of its agenda, at the A1 Motor Stores Trade Show.

UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, and Antony Hirst, who is part of the sales team, will be traveling down from the company’s Bradford headquarters to join other approved suppliers and meet some new and familiar faces from A1 Motor Stores’ network, all meeting at Whittlebury Hall on Thursday April 19

Autoelectro Antony Hirst (left) and Nick Hood (right)


Nick said it was “essential” to maintain customer relationships, as well as introduce the Autoelectro brand to new members. He added: “The A1 Motor Stores Trade Show is always a great event, but with the flurry of activity behind the scenes at Autoelectro over the last few months, such as introducing our new surcharges structure, this is a crucial networking occasion as we communicate how the company is moving forward.

As always, though, we shall be reaffirming our message about range and availability; Autoelectro delivers, virtually, a 100% order fill rate – meaning we rarely let our customers down – and in the unlikely event that a finished part number is not in stock, then, if core is available, our experts ensure the ordered part leaves on the same day as the order and be with the customer the following morning.