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Autoelectro tackling subject of warranty returns head-on

Autoelectro is advising technicians to sign-up to its online technical hub of bulletins and fitting tips, as the remanufacturer aims to clamp down on unnecessary warranty claims and bolster customer confidence.
The Bradford-based rotating electrics remanufacturer of starter motors and alternators currently welcomes 1,400 subscribers to its website, but is setting its sights on increasing that number by alerting technicians to the resources available and the importance of correct fitment.
Technical Manager, Dally Singh, explained: “As technology advances, faults are becoming more difficult to diagnose, which is resulting in a high number of starter motors and alternators being returned under warranty.”
However, Autoelectro, thanks to its rigorous testing procedures and premium quality remanufacturing, boasts an excellent manufacturing defect record of 0.86% over the last 12 months.
Dally added: “Parts are being returned under warranty after being fitted and removed in a short period, or they are being returned under warranty with premature failure due to vehicle/fitting faults, which are being overlooked.”
In a bid to help reduce the number of returns, Autoelectro has several invaluable, free and easy-to-access resources available:
The company’s website – www.autoelectro.co.uk – is already in demand, with subscribers able to access regular and new fitting guides and tips. These bulletins are specific to vehicle manufacturers and models, as well as engine size, year, fuel type and part type.
So far, the library holds an archive of over 500 bulletins and can be located online or sent via e-mail. Autoelectro has promised to increase the frequency and will investigate any fitting issues not covered and, subsequently, produce a report.
Additionally, a live chat facility is available. Accessible 24-hours-a-day, a technical expert will be on-hand and donate the time needed to solve any queries.
In line with the company’s ‘Fit & Forget’ motto, stamped indelibly on every Autoelectro box, the company is confident warranty returns will decrease quickly – if fitting instructions and bulletins are adhered to