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Autoelectro offers answer to known fault on VW Polo

Autoelectro offers a solution to a known fault on one of the UK’s bestsellers – the Volkswagen Polo – which, unless acted on, could cause the premature failure of the starter motor.

Affecting the MK 5 6R Facelift diesel (2014-onwards), Autoelectro’s technical experts can divulge that there is a fundamental issue on models with ‘auto shift manual’ transmissions, in that there is excessive friction between the starter motor gear teeth and those on the gear ring. The conflict causes a grinding noise when starting the engine.

Technicians are advised to remove the starter and apply a light coating of aerosol grease to both the starter motor gear teeth and ring gear teeth. After application, they should wait 15 minutes for the grease to dry before refitting the starter motor.

If, however, the component shows any sign of failure – blue colour on the gear shaft and pinion area, rattling inside the starter motor when shaken, burning smell, damaged pinion teeth/broken nose cone, burnt/discoloured/melted broken wire from the solenoid or a shrivelled/burnt label – then it will need to be replaced.

Ignoring these symptoms will cause the premature failure of the replacement starter motor – in this instance, part number AEY2667 – and invalidate the warranty.