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Autoelectro illustrates 30 years of service on YouTube

Autoelectro, the premium rotating electrics remanufacturer, has uploaded a video to YouTube to demonstrate its products and services, as its 30 years of trading celebrations gather momentum.

Uploaded to its own channel – Autoelectro Ltd – the Bradford-based company wants to illustrate to existing and potential customers what it can offer, from 3,000 unique part numbers and 20,000 vehicle variations, to a state-of-the-art ‘live chat’ facility and a variety of downloadable technical guides from its website (below).

The website itself is crisp and modern, emblazoned in Autoelectro’s iconic red livery and unique 30-year logo, and identifies the needs of the automotive aftermarket, allowing customers to explore a plethora of technical bulletins.

Additionally, as stated above, a live chat facility is available for further queries.

Autoelectro has – and will continue to – push its original equipment specifications and pedigree to a digital platform, proving to the automotive aftermarket that the company will run parallel with the development of new trends and technologies.

Managing Director, Tony Bhogal said it was important to showcase what Autoelectro has to offer – especially during a historic year for the remanufacturer.

He said: “The short video shows existing and potential customers what makes Autoelectro one of the best remanufacturers of starters and alternators in the UK.

“Without giving too much away from the video, it demonstrates that we are in control of every process, from remanufacturing and stock availability, to cataloguing and customer service. The service we offer is fantastic, and we will continue to evolve in-line with our customers.”